1 GB of Residential Proxies Data Usage 1GB01

1 GB of Residential Proxies Data Usage 1GB01


We’ve launched our Residential GB Proxy Panel!

• Residential Proxies
• Supporting Countries: UK / US
• Uptime 100%
• User/Password authentication only.

Choices of Residential Proxies:
Rotating & Static

Once you’ve purchased you will need to register via https://resi.cookieproxies.com/, create an account and enter your key. Your plan will automatically be updated and started instantly.

30 Days or Until your data is used up. Users who have access to our platform will be able to purchase top ups at any given moment and bypass public stock launches / restocks!

Perks of our Panel:
Able to see your exact traffic to any given website any time, meaning you will be able to track exactly how much your using.
Change your user:password instantly with a click of a button, once you’ve done this old proxies will no longer work as a new authentication as been applied. Create unlimited amounts of ips!

What is a GB proxy plan?
A Gigabyte proxy plan allows you to create unlimited proxies, until you reached however much data you've purchased to use.
Traffic measured by GB’s = Gigabytes - In simple form the best example is like a phone contract, where you have X amount of Data/Minutes that can be used throughout the month.
Meaning that you will be able to create as many proxies you want for any release and not have to worry about needing more proxies! Depending on how many tasks / proxies you run will notice your data usage being used and this can be viewed via the "View Traffic / Graph"

Only UK?

Just because we state we only support UK proxies that does still mean we will work on multiple sites within EU.
Meaning you can be using them to checkout to any country within the EU with our UK proxies.
Examples you can use UK proxies and checkout to any country within EU with:

  • Supreme


  • Mesh (Footpatrol, Size Previews)

  • Footlocker EU

  • Solebox

  • Footdistrict

  • & Much more

    Which Sites Do They Work For?

  • Adidas (Mixed results for Adidas from previous releases)

  • Shopify (Kith, Yeezy Supply, DSM Eflash, BlendsUS, Palace ETC) - However highly recommended to use our Data Center Proxies for faster speeds.

  • Supreme


  • Footsites

  • And Much, much more!

24/7 support is available via Discord, for any issues or questions regarding the product.
Once your key has been delivered, upon activating it will take 30 minutes to work.
Do not share your proxies as we will not be made responsible for data that has been used / leaked.
Residential speeds can vary a lot, As always check out our Data Center Proxies (Rapid & AIO for all your needs)
Does not work on Footlocker Kids

All sales are final, no refunds will be made upon purchasing this product.
Upon purchasing this product you agree to the above

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