Frequently asked questions

How do I receive my proxies?

All of our proxies are sent via Email. Please check your Spam / Junk folders after we have announced your proxies have been sent.
We always make announcements when we’re sending proxies via our Discord.

How can I renew?

2-3 Days before your package expires you will receive a renewal email that will grant you exclusive access to purchase your proxies. Please check your Spam / Junk folders.

When will my proxies be sent?

Every product on our website has an exact date and sending time within the description, please read it clearly.

What sites do your proxies work on?

We have four main packages:
1. Rapid Data Center Proxies - These are fastest Data Center Proxies in the market for Shopify. They work for Adidas US, Shopify. Supreme & Footsites (Are not guaranteed at all via Rapid)
2. US AIO Data Center Proxies - These proxies work across multiple sites including: Adidas US, Shopify, Supreme US, SNKRS US, Footsites, Eve Recaptcha (Ideal for captcha services) & More!

3. UK AIO Data Center Proxies - These proxies work across multiple sites including: Adidas UK, Shopify, Supreme EU / UK, SNKRS EU / UK, Footlocker EU, Mesh & More!

4. Lite - Data Center Proxies - These proxies optimised for Shopify. They can potentially work for other sites however they have no guarantee.

Whats the main difference with Lite and other packages?
The price per proxy and potentially Shopify only.

I’ve purchased Instant Delivery proxies and I haven’t received them

Via our Instant Delivery page, every single product is sent instantly. Please check your Junk / Spam folders after purchasing.

I haven’t received proxies that I purchased.

More then likely you haven’t read the exact sending times & dates mentioned in the product description. We make sure every order gets a delivery notification from our system.

I didn’t receive an order number for proxies I’ve bought.

This is a ghost order, please contact support as soon as possible for a solution.

How can I get support?

We handle all support via our Twitter Page & Customer service discord.